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Sean Haaverson Named NM EMS Advocacy Coordinator

Sean Haaverson Named NM EMS Advocacy Coordinator


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Sean Haaverson Named EMS Advocacy Coordinator for NAEMT

Sean Haaverson Building Grassroots Network for First Responders

ALBUQUERQUE, NM September 2019: The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) has appointed Sean P. Haaverson as New Mexico’s Emergency Medical Services Advocacy Coordinator. First Responders, EMT’s and Paramedics in New Mexico face expanding challenges with limited resources in a state with communities ranging from metropolitan cities, rural towns, and frontier/ super rural villages. Challenges faced by EMS personnel include responding to the growing opioid and methamphetamine overdose crisis, treating victims of violence, fewer rural hospitals, and small budgets. First Responders are experiencing more violence against them and the mental health toll of their job.  

To meet the goal of advocating and educating stakeholders on the issues, Sean Haaverson plans to:

  • Make communities safer, healthier, and more prosperous by strengthening emergency care
  • Expand the current grassroots network for first responders and partner with stakeholders
  • Update first responders and their public advocates on federal, state, and local issues

Mr. Haaverson is an experienced flight paramedic, firefighter, philanthropist, and educator. He is the co-founder and President of the non-profit Emergency Services Outreach, Inc. and faculty member at Central New Mexico Community College. Mr. Haaverson has served as a board member for non-profit, for-profit companies, and the Department of Health. He has 20 years’ experience in public safety and worked throughout New Mexico and the world. Mr. Haaverson is a NM native living in Bernalillo with his wife and daughter. “The everyday heroes in our state, and across the country, deserve better support. They do the absolute best they can with what they have. Volunteers cover a huge part of our communities, responding to calls in old vehicles and some even pay for the diesel out of their own pockets. We owe them, and New Mexican’s, the best resources and care possible. If you could only see how much they do with small budgets now, imagine what they can do with more support!”, he said.

Everyone is invited to join the advocacy network, not just first responders. If you want to support first responders, email and you will join our legislative alerts and newsletter.


Emergency Services Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c)3 designated non-profit focused on making our communities stronger and citizens healthier through advocacy, education, and support of the public and first responders. ESO brands include the Center for Advanced Medical Training, Heroes 4 Heroes, and the LSH Courageous Care Scholarship. Donate, take a class, and volunteer at Make ESO your Amazon Smile charity! Help Amazon donate to us:  

Download the Press Release (PDF)

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Sean Haaverson Administrator
Sean P. Haaverson has been involved in Emergency Services since 2000 when he started out as a volunteer fire fighter in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Over the span of his career he has experience working in multiple levels of emergency services: dispatch, rural and urban EMS, hospital care, austere and remote duty medicine, flight medicine, administration and teaching. He is currently a licensed Paramedic with certification in Critical Care and Remote Duty Medicine. Sean holds a BAAS degree focused in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services Management. Sean serves as the co-founder and President/CEO of Emergency Services Outreach and the Center for Advanced Medical Training. He is also the National Association of EMT’s State Advocacy Coordinator for New Mexico.
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