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LSH Courageous Care Endowment Scholarship

Linda Sullivan-Haaverson Courageous Care Scholarship

The LSH Scholarship will help nursing and paramedic students facing adversity reach their education and career goals with funding support and mentorship. We need your help raising donations to meet our goal of funding education. 

Linda's Story

Our memorial scholarship honors Linda Sullivan-Haaverson, R.N. who worked as a Critical Care Nurse, educator and charge RN in the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Linda was a beloved nurse to many patients who received her care and doctors, mid-level practitioners, nurses, and paramedics who she trained at New Mexico’s teaching hospital. In 2015, 2 years before her retirement and during her 35th year of service, Mrs. Sullivan-Haaverson was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma and died in hospice less than a year later. Her children and co-workers founded the Linda Sullivan-Haaverson Courageous Care Scholarship to keep Linda’s spirit alive in new providers.

After attending nursing school in Newport, RI, Linda took an assignment to work for the federal government as a nurse in Gallup, NM caring for the local indigenous people and rural patients. After completing her service, she moved to Albuquerque and worked in the Medical Intensive Care Unit of Bernalillo County Medical Center, now called University of New Mexico Hospitals. She worked at UNM Hospital for the rest of her life, passing away before her retirement after 35 years of service. She trained in working with the sickest patients in New Mexico ranging from complex sepsis cases, cardiac and post-surgical cardiac patients, and early cases of hantavirus. In the 1980’s Linda was training to be a flight nurse when her colleagues and friends died in the 1985 Lifeguard helicopter crash. Throughout her career, Linda dedicated her time to providing excellent medicine and mentoring future medical providers.

Linda Sullivan-Haaverson faced adversity through her career. As a young nurse and mother, Linda worked night shifts and when she got off of work she would spend the day caring for her children and performing manual labor as she and her husband built a home from scratch. That initial home had no electricity, running water nor plumbing. Water was retrieved by a half mile walk to a local spring. Her husband, John, suffered COPD and was unable to work leaving Linda as the bread winner for her family of 5 and medical bills became increasingly more expensive. Linda was the victim of domestic violence, lost her youngest son to drugs and suicide, and lost her husband to suicide as well. Despite these challenges Linda was always kind and positive with children, her team members, and her patients. Many people never knew her struggles- she was a rock.

LSH Scholarship Values


We value education and the power it has to change individual lives, lives of an entire family, and building better communities.


Mentoring is an essential part of new medical practitioner growth, and the growth of those professions.

Financial Stewardship

Financial stewardship and longevity of the endowment.


Respect for all backgrounds of student and professional.

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Ways to Help!


We all have different ways to give. Your time is likely one of your most valued resources and we realize that you can choose to do other things. We need volunteers to help serve as mentors and ambassadors for the non-profit. We respect your time and will do our best to make it fun and reqarding whenever we can. Contact us for information on volunteering with us.

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All of the projects at ESO to meet the mission require finacial support. Every dollar counts. We give you options in donating. You can donate specifically to a project, or in general, all on our website using PayPal and credit cards. You can also donate to (coming soon).


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If you like what we are doing, please share our pages wide and far. You can be an ambassador for Courageous Care, any onecan make a difference by telling family, followers, friends, and everyone about our work. If you would like help with this task, contact us for promotional kits with flyers for work and other areas, and other promotional items.

Help Fundraise!

Want your clothes and items donations to make a real difference? Goodwill may not be the best place for your items to go. Instead, consider helping us by hosting a yardsale of your own by inviting other friends to donate and sell. We will help you with the process and facilitate donation receipts going to those who support and buy from you. Contact us for information about fundraising with us.


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