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Heroes 4 Heroes- First Responder Mental Health

My Brother's and Sister's Keeper.
EMT's - First Responders - Healthcare Providers - Military - Police

Changing the Stigma of Mental Health in Public Safety

First Responders are more likely to attempt suicide. Let’s change that.

Did you know that First Responders are more likely to attempt suicide?  Recent Statistics showed that in the general population suicides are 13 per 100,000 and in first responders that number is 34.1 per 100,000.  As part of ESO, we have a department dedicated to mental health for first responders, Heroes 4 Heroes.  The goal of Heroes 4 Heroes (H4H) is to provide First Responders with a safe space to be talk about mental health, to bring us together collectively as a family so that no one struggles alone.  We see some of the worst things that humanity has to offer and many times, we struggle in silence.  Our goal at Heroes 4 Heroes is to allow us to get the help that we need, to show that the loneliness and darkness is not something that has to be endured alone.  We want all first responders to understand that this is not a road they have to travel alone, and that it is OK to not be OK.  We will be hosting meetings each week when we launch within the next month.  We are partnering with mental health professionals, such as Mary Baca, to ensure that we leave no one feeling alone and like a lost cause.

Help Support the Heroes 4 Heroes Program!

You can help support the program by donating, lending your space for support group meetings, start a group in your area, and more. Contact us for more information, or click the button to donate!

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