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Suggest a Topic for EMS CE: Center for Advanced Medical Training

Suggest a Topic for our Next EMS CE!


Whether you are a member of the public looking for training for you and your family, or a first responder/ medical provider looking for EMS CE’s or other continuing education, we want to hear from you!

Complete the form below to suggest a topic. We will be in touch if we have it available or when it becomes available.

Have a suggestion for a topic we can offer?

Suggest a topic for EMS CE or other Education Subject and Get it Free!

Complete the form below with your suggestions. We will review and when it is ready you will get access to that CE for FREE! 

To make the submission you will need to create an account. If you already have an account, you can sign in and the fields will be populated from your profile.

Why? We want to be able to get you access to that topic and more. You can also edit your submission from your profile.

Looking for training on something specific? Complete this form and let us know what you think we need to build a training on.
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Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Enter the topic and description of the training you are looking for here.
Identify the level of training this should be to meet your needs. If more than one option, select 'other' and enter choices.
What style of education should this be?
If you are seeking a carded course, like ACLS, CPR, NRP, PHTLS, let us know!
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