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Blog Editor Job Description at ESO

Blog Editor Job Description at ESO

We need a Blog Editor to help manage our blog team!

Blog Editor Job Description


Emergency Services Outreach, Inc. (ESO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources as a means of making communities healthier and safer. The operations of ESO include online and in-person courses for fire protection, healthcare and law enforcement personnel in a variety of subject areas. ESO is organized into work teams either delivering education directly or supporting educational delivery. The Webmaster position oversees the administration of our website, learning management system and social media connections.


ESO is in the startup phase of operations and fundraising. Currently, this position would be a volunteer position to start but is expected to receive pay as funding is available.


Blog Editor Duties:

  • Developing and executing consistent, effective content strategy across blog network and makes final editorial judgment calls on blog content.
  • Focusing on engaging, brand-appropriate content that helps drive organic audience development.
  • Working in tandem with contributors, SME coalition, and management to advocate and promote the best content from the blogs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or equivalent field
  • Minimum five years online editorial experience, including deep knowledge of blog content development, strong track record as a producer of blog content, and experience managing a team.
  • Effective writing and editing skills a must. Familiarity with reporting skills a major plus.
  • Able to have frank and critical conversations with team members and contributors.
  • Needs to have awareness of budgets and be able to give input.
  • Preferred understanding of statistics and site analytics.
  • Understanding that the value of content packages needs to be more than they cost.
  • Must remain current with developing trends in production and audience tastes.
  • Strong awareness of good sources for curated content on the web.

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Sean Haaverson Administrator
Sean P. Haaverson has been involved in Emergency Services since 2000 when he started out as a volunteer fire fighter in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Over the span of his career he has experience working in multiple levels of emergency services: dispatch, rural and urban EMS, hospital care, austere and remote duty medicine, flight medicine, administration and teaching. He is currently a licensed Paramedic with certification in Critical Care and Remote Duty Medicine. Sean holds a BAAS degree focused in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services Management. Sean serves as the co-founder and President/CEO of Emergency Services Outreach and the Center for Advanced Medical Training. He is also the National Association of EMT’s State Advocacy Coordinator for New Mexico.
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